Time to Be Alarmed: Bedside Clocks

Time to Be Alarmed: Bedside Clocks

Gregory Han
Jul 27, 2011

Despite what the Stones once claimed, time is not on your side, and many of us need a good clock or timepiece (especially beside) to keep track of its coming and goings. The team at Lifework has rounded up five small, bedside-ready clocks that should appeal and fit in a wide variety of settings...

cdock: Two designers from Portland, Oregon are currently trying to kick-start the production of their cdock, an iPhone docking station, clock, flat-screen TV, and stand all in one. Want to help them? Visit: thecdock.com

Bubble Wall Clock by Newgate Clocks, $90.00 The clear bubble lens on thisoversize clock lets its smart retro design pop. Get it: Horne

Kiki Van Eijk Soft Clock, $524.00 Add bling to any desktop with this ceramic creation by Dutch designer Kiki Van Eijk for Moooi. Get it: stardust.com

Kartell Table Clock, $103.00 The acrylic body and neon hands of this timepiece make a simple statement. Get it: Yoox

Verbarius Electronic Clock, $220.00 This chatty clock spells out each minute of the day in your language of choice. Get it: Amazon

Originally published at Lifework by Amy Feezor

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