Time to Go on Holiday! BlueForest Treehouses

Time to Go on Holiday! BlueForest Treehouses

Gregory Han
Aug 8, 2007

Ever since I read Swiss Family Robinson when I was wee little thing, I have always had a soft spot for treehouses. And once I stumbled upon this site for BlueForest, I was thisclose to scratching out "beach house" and penciling in "treehouse in Bali" on my When I Win the Lottery Wishlist.

BlueForest designs, consults, and manages both private and commercial treehouses all over the globe. They have a passion for supporting local communities, designing and building eco-friendly dwellings, and only use timber from managed forests. Also, for every treehouse they sell, they support a child in Kenya through school for one year.

And in case you're in dire need of a vacation before fall sweeps in, consider booking an eco-friendly tree top lodge at one of the hotels listed on BlueForest's site. This way, you'll still be communing with nature, but in the lap of exotic luxury.


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