Tiny Houses by Derek Diedricksen

After spotting an article from the New York Times about Massachusetts resident Derek Diedricksen’s tiny cabins, I had to share his inventive use of materials with the Apartment Therapy readers.

Even if you’re not in the market for a tiny portable getaway, fort, retreat, greenhouse, etc... I think that we can all take something away from Derek’s resourceful repurposeing of used goods. Diedricksen forages for most of his materials; he collected 90% of the supplies for his Gypsy Junker, click here to watch a video tour of this amazing little cabin.

No object nor remnant is overlooked or classified as unfit, as Diedricksen converts the side of a washing machine into a table and wine bottles into windows. He uses shipping pallets and lumber scraps as building materials and tin cans and frying pans to create a heating system!

To learn more about Derek's mini retreats check out his blog, Relax Shacks.

Image: Still from "Tiny Yellow House" video