Tiny Living: Japanese Micro Homes

Tiny Living: Japanese Micro Homes

Aaron Able
Mar 19, 2007

We Get It. The concept of sacrificing space for the convenience and amenities of city life is not new to us. While many of us live small, BusinessWeek recently published a story on the growing number of homes built on tiny lots in Tokyo — many lots are approximately 300 sq. ft!...

The home pictured above is 344 sq. ft. and shared by a couple and their adult daughter (that's a bedroom on the top left!). It's interesting to note how hard it is to take photographs of the tiny interiors of these ultra-compact houses, or kyo-sho-jutaku in Japanese.

Look at the unique stair design in this five-story home on 259 sq. ft.of land — carefully designed to maximize the livable space.

Check out all the images. Via MoCoLoco.

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