Tip: Bella Tile's Remnants

Tip: Bella Tile's Remnants

Regina Yunghans
May 29, 2007

We've always liked Bella Tile, a small tile shop in the East Village, for their competitive prices and helpful staff. But we learned something else this weekend that saved us in a pinch.

We were starting a project of recaulking our bathtub Friday afternoon and (surprise!) ended up needing to replace a tile ledge at the far end of the tub. Since we hadn't anticipated this at all, we had no tile on hand. First thing Saturday morning we headed over to Bella Tile to see if they had anything in stock (most orders are placed and filled in about a week). We only needed about 3 square feet and we were flexible on the tile type as long as it was white-ish.

On arrival at Bella we learned that they have a storage room in the back of their warehouse full of remnants. We dug through opened, half-used boxes and finally found a great carerra mosaic. We haggled a price of only $10/sf and only had to purchase the 3 square feet we required (instead of an entire box, which would have been way more than we needed). We just had to share the tip, since it's tough to find tile 1) off-the-shelf, and 2) in such small quantities. We're simply elated that Bella came through.

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