Tip: Label Your Cords

Tip: Label Your Cords

Feb 13, 2007

Since we've just had to move twice in two months, we've really gone through everything we own with a critical eye. We've organized and culled and donated and recycled and sold until we're about as minimal as we can be. So we're a little puzzled at how our collection of cords is such an embarrassment.

The real question is how we've managed to hold onto so many of them although we don't have the faintest clue what they're for. It occurred to us that if we'd been smart, we would have labeled them as they entered our household -- instead of trying to belatedly figure out what piece of electronic equipment they belong to. Tags like these would be perfect.

We're wondering whether anyone else is in the same situation, or whether we're the last to realize how simple it would be to attach a label and end the future bewilderment. . .

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