Tip: Inexpensive Wallpaper Alternative

There are so many beautiful wallpapers out there, but when it comes right down to it, they aren't exactly inexpensive. Well, they might be if you're putting them in your closet, but for larger spaces, often times applying a bold print to your wall can cost more than you like. That is unless you...

... turn your eye to fabrics! Check out the photo above. Amanda Nisbet has designed a beautiful space, but what really caught our attention was the use of fabric behind the artwork on the wall. The same fabric is also trimming out the windows and with the oversized frames (that allow for a good amount of fabric to be seen) and the window trim, the wall could almost be mistaken for wallpaper at first glance.

There's tons of great fabric prints out there right now and many of us have basements, attics or craft rooms full of remnants that could be put to use! If not, chances are you know someone who does, or you can finally put to you those craft store coupons for 40% off a single cut of fabric!

It can be a great way to bring in an extra bit of pattern and print to a space when the fall back standard throw pillow isn't always an option.

(Image: Amanda Nisbet Design)

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