Tip: Perfect Painting With Masking Tape

Tip: Perfect Painting With Masking Tape

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 31, 2009

Using masking tape to aid in your painting endeavors isn't really a new trick. But Anna over at Door Sixteen has a great little tutorial on making your paint lines come out crisp and clean without any bleeding or peeling. Plus you can check out her sweet diy medicine cabinet! Click through for more...

Anna tells us the trick to super crisp lines is two things:

1. Allowing Things To Dry 100%
2. Painting a first layer over the edges of the tape itself.

By painting over the edges of the tape you create a barrier for your other layers, keeping them all in check! The project looks great and is a great inexpensive diy solution! Check out her full post with more pictures and information on her medicine cabinet build!

PS, Have you seen her house tour yet?

(Photo curtosey of DoorSixteen)

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