Tips for a Wrinkle-Free Duvet?

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Q: I'm an avid reader of Apartment Therapy and am hoping that your brilliant audience may be able to assist with a problem I'm having. I recently got rid of my old comforter and purchased a duvet and a lovely 100% cotton cover. Once washed and on the bed, the cover was wrinkle city! I've since washed it, ironed it, and slept on it to no avail - it remains pretty messy looking. Unfortunately I don't own a drier, so I'm not able to do some of the cool tips other have recommended for keeping cotton wrinkle-free like throwing in a wet cloth during the dry cycle.

I'm pretty picky, so I've finally come to the conclusion that I need a new cover - but I'm finding that almost all of the duvet covers on the market are 100% cotton, and I would assume would give me the same problems.

Since I assume I can't be the only person on the planet who doesn't want to iron my duvet cover daily or live in wrinkles, what are my options? Is there some trick I don't know about, or a good vendor to check for blend duvet covers?

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