Tips for Curing Cabin Fever

Tips for Curing Cabin Fever

Jason Loper
Jan 30, 2012

The short days and cold nights of winter often mean that we burrow in and spend a lot more time in our homes that we normally would. And usually, at around this time every year, the dreaded cabin fever starts to kick in. Perk up, buster! We've got ways of curing cabin fever … and they're all easier than running away to a sunny Mexican beach with Pedro, your pretend lover.

Rearrange your furniture The mere act of switching up your surroundings can make your home feel fresh and new. Experiment with different layouts and try to find a new way to fall in love with your space.

Switch apartments with a friend — You're probably not the only one with cabin fever. Ask a friend to switch apartments with you for a week. You'll both be forced to get out of your daily routines and you'll also get to see how the other half lives!

Visit folks who are truly housebound — Nursing homes and retirement communities are full of folks who truly cannot leave their homes. Make a house call and cure others' cabin fever.

Vacation in your hometown — Hotels often offer deep discounts on their rooms during these winter months. Take a weekend to be a tourist in your hometown. Order room service, let the maid make your bed, and pretend you're Paris Hilton for the day.

Two words: booty shakin' — Nothing lifts the spirits like a dance party. Crank up the tunes and get your booty shakin'! The blood will start pumping, your spirits will lift, and your apartment will start feeling less like a little prison and like Studio 54.

Make new art — Those four walls may feel like they're closing in on you ... so why not decorate them with new art? Making your own art will not only eat up some time, you'll also get something new to hang on the wall. (This post may help get the creative juices flowing: 10 DIY Wall Art Ideas That Anyone Can Do.)

Throw a party — You may be tired of your same old surroundings but your friends probably aren't. Invite a few folks over for a party and let their energy transfer to your home.

Join a gym — One cure for cabin fever is to spend less time in your little cabin. (Nothing like stating the obvious, right?) Join a gym and spend your free time getting fit instead of throwing a fit.

Join a once-a-week class — Similar to the concept of joining a gym, use your downtime this winter to learn a new skill. Se habla espanol?

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