Tips for Improving Shower in Rental?

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Q: I recently moved into a small, rented apartment, and one of the major downfalls is the bathroom: specifically, the shower in the bathroom. I have always loved to have long, warming showers, but since moving into the apartment my showers are now quick and not very enjoyable. The bathroom has a clawfoot tub that is unfortunately stained and dingy. No matter what products I use, I can't seem to get it cleaned. Not to mention the drain is encircled by rust and black rings. What can I do to bring back the shine to this forsaken tub?

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The other problem is the shower head. There is not a lot of pressure and the circumference of water is not very large. As soon as you step out of the water, it's cold and miserable because the rest of the tub holds no humidity or heat. Would a better, larger shower head fix this? What other things could I change?

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