Trick or Treat! What's Your
Halloween Style?

Trick or Treat! What's Your
Halloween Style?

Sep 28, 2012
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Halloween decor doesn't have to be a monstrous mash-up of ghastly styles that clash. With a little forethought, it's simple to concoct an overall motif that will integrate well with your existing personal style. We've brewed up a guide for pulling your Halloween decor together and selected some of our favorite decorations from Target's collection to help you on your way to spooky style success.

The great thing about Halloween decor is there are so many avenues for inspiration — do you want to go with grim headstones and goblins? Or nature-inspired pumpkins and spiderwebs? Think about your home's style first and go from there; selecting a matching motif makes it easy to adhere to an overall decor plan and narrows down your search for decorations that will work for your space. Here are some tricks for decor to die for:

Warm Industrial
Is your personal style influenced by industrial elements and finishes? Get inspired by similar materials that pop up in Halloween decor. Think: wrought-iron fences, concrete or stone tombstones, cast-iron lanterns, and mortuary engraving. This large RIP Tombstone from Target integrates lots of these elements in one swoop. Also keep an eye out for spooky pieces that make use of chains and metallic finishes, such as this Hanging Jack-O-Lantern with Flame.

Simple Modern

If you're a minimalist, stick with simple geometries and subtle colorways, but consider making Halloween a time to pep up your decor and have a little fun. Adding haunting lighting, like this Metal Lantern with Tealight can add a pop of orange during the day and cast scary spiderweb shadows at night. In the Jack-o-lantern department, keep things minimal and monochromatic with white or grey pumpkins carved with geometric patterns.

Urban Rustic/Organic Modern
Welcome the werewolves of the night and look to nature for Halloween inspiration if your decor includes organic elements and natural hues. Make your own spooky spiderwebs and scour pumpkin patches and farmer's markets for gourds in bright colors. Target has a great 53" Scary Tree that would look great indoors or on the front porch, especially if lit from below with some dramatic up-lighting. Or, create a haunted forest for trick-or-treaters to trek through by lining your front walk with these frightful trees.

Eclectic Collector
Eclectic decorators can have lots of fun at Halloween--even getting a little goofy without it seeming over the top or incongruous. Collect a variety of creepy and kooky accents for a bewitched abode. This cute Pumpkin Greeter has a vintage look about him that we like, and will instantly make a front porch or entryway a happy place. If you'd rather curate a more morbid decor, look for interesting containers or jars that you could fill with plastic "specimens" such as spiders, insects, or fake body parts submerged in embalming fluid (just use colored water) to build a macabre collection of curiosities for display on a mantle or in a cabinet.

Classic Glam
Halloween doesn't have to be grim and gloomy! Dress up skeletons in bow ties and gowns, dust off those formal candelabras that haven't seen daylight since last Christmas, and grab some new items that add some ghostly glam! This Shatterproof Pumpkin Wreath in bold black and orange is a great pick for a festive, frightful front door.

These easy and affordable decorations are available at Target, along with many more that will help you celebrate the holiday in modern style. To see more Halloween décor inspiration visit the Target Home Catalog.

What's your Halloween style? And how do you make it work with the rest of your decor? Tell us in the comments!

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