Painting is one of the best ways to spruce up and redecorate your home, but we've found that getting started can be daunting. Picking a color can be a real beast, but Glidden® paint can help you tame it. Their simplified palette includes only the colors people love to live with. To make matters even easier, they've also made this helpful Show Me How video, with tips for picking paint colors.

How to pick paint colors:

  • Start with a color from a source of inspiration, or a color family you already have in mind.
  • Glidden paint's simplified palette includes only the colors you'll love to live with, so you don't have to comb through a gazillion shades to get to the color you want.
  • Plus, they have online tools like Color My Room that show you how different colors will look in your home before you paint.
  • Once you've decided on a few color options, hang color chips or paint large swatches on the walls of the room you want to paint.
  • Live with the swatches and eliminate one each day until you're left with a new color you will love!
Inspired? Go to to start looking for colors!