Tips for Removing Paint from Grandmother's Wooden Coffee Table?

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Q: In getting ready for a move, I decided I wanted to upgrade from my IKEA coffee table to my grandmother's solid oak beauty. Unfortunately, I'm not the first grandchild to inherit it, and my cousin left his mark in the shape of a painted "block O" for The Ohio State University. Now, it's not that I'm not a buckeye fan...

Pin it button big's just not what I have in mind for my living room! I've tried sanding, paint thinner, a Magic Eraser, and my mom even tried WD-40. It still looks like it does in this picture. I'm not sure what kind of paint it is, but my cousin did work for the college bus system, and my mom and I are theorizing that he borrowed some automotive paint because it is NOT budging. Any thoughts are welcome!!!

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