(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Dehlia's bathroom from our Small Cool 2009 contest is one of our favorite examples of small space put to good use. At just 4 x 6 feet, it's a lesson in quality over quantity, and it (and other bathrooms from the archives) offer tips for making the most of a closet-sized space.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )


  • A cutaway niche in the shower eliminates the need for a cumbersome shower caddy.
  • Small wall-mounted or pedestal sinks free up floor space.
  • Like any small space, bathrooms benefit from editing.
  • Invest in details that you love, like lux towels or a great soap dispenser.
  • Tile is an opportunity to set the tone of your bathroom with great color and texture.
  • If you're renovating, be willing to sacrifice size (like a big tub) for quality (like a well-designed shower).
  • If you rent, use details like paint, lighting, and textiles to improve your space.

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