Tips From Our Tours: Creating Private Space in Studios or Lofts

An open space in a loft or studio can be both a blessing or a curse. The openness allows you to take liberties with the layout and make decisions that work best for your lifestyle, but it can be a challenge figuring out how to maximize space and distinguish between different living areas. Here are some tips from our tours that show real life examples of how people take on this challenge!

1. Alexandra and Christine made great use of their open space by using curtains to divide up the area. Using patterned curtains that go well with the aesthetic of the space adds an extra element of style. They also hung feathers with string along the beams to help visually distinguish between the spaces.

2. Virginia and Kelly also utilize curtains in their loft, but they elected to go with a soft dark suede that matches their window curtains and softens the industrial feel of their home.

3. Ken constructed a temporary wall out of wooden posts to extend the living room wall without blocking out light. This is a neat way to divide up the space while adding an element of visual interest to your home.

4. Joey and Antoni constructed a bookshelf near their entry way, creating a nook area for their bed and used a desk to divide their bedroom area from the living room. The strategic placement of furniture in this home gives the space a great flow.

5. Jackie also utilized a bookshelf as a wall and divider to create a bedroom space separate from her living room area. Using a bookshelf is a great way to also get extra storage if your space is small. Just make sure to organize and style the bookshelf in a way that is pleasing to the eye and doesn't create clutter.

6. Emily added a divider screen to keep her bedroom area private. These screens are extra nifty because you can open the blinds on them to let in light during the day, and then close the blinds when you need the privacy!

7. Lauren made the most out of her closet by turning it into a bedroom. Don't overlook closets or nooks and utilize every space!

8. The truly ambitious can get inspired by Ellenkate and Tim's lofted bed, which they built themselves.

(Image credits: Elizabeth Giorgi; Nicole Crowder; Jason Yang; Liana Hayles; Liana Hayles; Adrienne Breaux; Stephanie Strickland; Alexis Buryk)