4 Things You Should Know Google Chrome Can Do

4 Things You Should Know Google Chrome Can Do

Jesse Leikin
Aug 12, 2011

Chrome is arguably the browser of choice amongst power users. Its ability to run each tab as its own session is one of the killer features that you really don't appreciate until one tab crashes and you don't have to restart your whole browser application again. However, we've noticed despite many of its great features, most users still aren't aware of some of hidden features that Google Chrome provides. To help out, we put together some of our favorite Chrome tricks and tips as a quick reminder.

Search: No need to go to "google.com" to access the integrated search engine. Using the Chrome address bar, simply type in what you are looking for and the browser will automatically redirect you to the appropriate Google search page. Chrome redefine the navigation window, blurring the lines between a browser and the traditional search engine. In practice it becomes second nature and one of the best features of Chrome.

Less Typing: Stop typing in "www." and ".com". While it may seem like a minuscule amount of typing at first, think about how much time you have spent typing those six letters and two periods over the course of a lifetime. Instead, just type in the address without "www." or ".com" and instead just click "control" and hit "enter."

Create Application Shortcut: We've told you about apps like Fluid, so we know you're well versed in turning websites into desktop apps. However, using Chrome you can do something very similar. Just click the wrench icon in Chrome and go to "tools" and click "create application shortcut." This will create a shortcut on your desktop which will create a shortcut in the similar fashion to Fluid.

Favicon Bookmark Bar: Most people who use bookmarks in their browser use the bookmark bar. However, because of the limited space available on the bar, most people fill up their bookmark bar with about 15 sites. Since most sites have recognizable favicons (the little icon next to the site name in the bookmark bar), a neat little Chrome tip is that if you delete the text when bookmarking your favorite sites, just the favicon will appear in the bookmark bar. This will allow for you to fill your bookmark bar with 3 or 4 times the number of sites.

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