Tips & Tricks: The Secret Behind This DIY Holiday Kissing Ball

Have you ever had found yourself with a moment of free time and a last minute idea? I feel like this happens to me every so often, but usually when it does it's late at night and the stores are closed or I don't feel like venturing out anyway. This was the case the other evening when I decided I really wanted to make a holiday kissing ball to decorate my front porch. I had an idea and I was ready to get the ball rolling, so to speak, and pretty sure I had everything I needed. Or so I thought.

I was missing the one key ingredient necessary to make my kissing ball come to fruition — the 3-5" foam florist sphere. I searched everywhere, pretty sure that I had one on hand, somewhere. But after an exhausting search, I finally gave up. This is the point where I decided to be more inventive.

Hmm, what else could I use for the form of my ball, I thought? It needs to be round, supportive and have the ability to hold moisture. And then it hit me — why not try using a potato? And what do you know — it worked pretty darn well!

First I inserted a straightened wire hanger through the potato to use as the hook. The potato was a bit harder than a foam ball, so I used a chopstick to first make the holes and then I inserted the plant stems into the potato. Now, if I had to do the project all over again, I would opt for a foam ball. Mainly because you have to pierce the potato many, many times to achieve a full ball, so that does become tedious and harder to do the fuller it gets. But other than that, it was smooth sailing. The moisture from the potato should be sufficient for my plants. Just remember, though, if you try this at home — make sure you don't pack this one away to be stored with the rest of your holiday decorations!

Have you ever come up with a brilliant solution to a project you were working on? If so, please do share. They're often your best ideas!

(Image credits: Kimber Watson)