Tiramolla Loft Bedrooms

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tiramolla-kidsloftbedroom1.jpgLoft beds can easily be seen as the grown-up interpretation of the bunk bed and when a simple loft bed is transformed into a loft bedroom, the results are quite interesting and fun. Here is Tiramolla's take on the loft bedroom, with a complete mix and match angle to them.

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There are theme rooms, and then there are THEME ROOMS. The Kids' Rooms by KidTropolis make you do a triple take.

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"I knew that I wanted a fun space. I wanted to incorporate many colors so that when I purchased or made something, it didn't have to exactly match a color or theme. I wanted it to be modern, but not cold." Check out the results over at Sonny's nursery tour.

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What started out as therapy for quitting smoking quickly grew into something more: Roadside Projects by Jayme McGowan.

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