'Tis the Season to Fix Not Buy!

'Tis the Season to Fix Not Buy!

Stephanie Kinnear
Dec 19, 2007

We may be green, but we're also guilty.

This holiday season, as we shop for the people on our list, we are constantly tempted to buy things for ourselves -- things we don't need. All this commerce going on around us, it's getting to our heads!

Reading a post on how to breathe new life into our old gadgets (at lifehacker) was a nice reminder: There are ways to avoid all this buying. We need to start fixing!

Granted, our holiday shopping temptations have fallen more heavily in the apparel department; however, lifehacker's recommendations on how to spiff up an old iPod were of interest. (We admit to gazing lustfully at the new nano in recent days.)

The post
offers up instructions on how to get more out of your old stuff -- Xboxes, iPods, routers, and old computers.

Considering the price of an iPod Touch, this little tutorial is worth a read!

Via Ecogeek

Image: Via lifehacker

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