TMobile Hotspot @ Home

TMobile Hotspot @ Home

May 8, 2007

T-Mobile wants your business, and their new service might encourage you to switch. Hotspot@Home bridges the gap between mobile and home phone lines. The concept is great, your cell phone works just as a cell phone should when you are out, using up your plan minutes. But when you step in the door to your home, you enter your very own "hotspot" with unlimited free calls to anyone in the US. And even better, free calls at any commercial T-Mobile hotspot, as well. We can see it now... every Starbucks crammed full of even more people chatting on cell phones.

What do you need? It is an add on feature to your current T-Mobile cell plan. So you'll need to have that, as well as a Hotspot@Home enabled cell phone, and a router. One feature that really caught our eye was the promise of great signal coverage at home. We're guessing it gets on your wireless network to talk over a data connection for the unlimited minutes. But if you have problems with your cell phone's signal at home, this could be a godsend.

The big question for us is, how much? The Wall Street Journal reports that trial users paid $20 extra for the service. Head on over to T-Mobile's site to learn more about Hotspot @ Home.

(via Gadgetell)

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