Today's Email: A Chair for Your Sex Life


12-19-emailicon.jpgSorry that yesterday's email didn't come through! There were numerous technical problems that have now been solved, so today you're going to get a DOUBLE HEADER - yesterday's Shimna Furniture and today's special treat.... a new, unique piece of furniture (above) which has the sole intention of improving your sex life (and which everyone seems to be talking about)...

Last week I emailed on Margaret Roach's New Gardening Blog, A Way to Garden (see below).

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THE TOP OF THE ARCHIVE (chronologically)

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>> Hola Y Adios Table, The Slimest, Coolest Landing Strip - 3.31.08


>> Best Home Phones, Philips Cordless - 3.28.08


>> Agnes Barley, Structures Under Tension Drawings - 3.27.08

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