Toddler sheets: Boodalee and Kukunest

Toddler sheets: Boodalee and Kukunest

Feb 23, 2007

Sweet dreams. Two new companies have just created lines of bedding for toddlers and children: Boodalee and Kukunest.

Founded on the idea that there's a dearth of great modern kids' bedding available, both companies have bright, cheerful graphics on high quality cotton sheeting.

Boodalee currently offers three patterns (circus, trees, and city), all very bold geometric designs in vivid colors, and they say they'll be adding new designs soon.

Kukunest has a much more whimsical look, with characters in softer colors and designs that we think would be a lot of fun for any child to cuddle up to. We especially like the Deep Sea line, that looks like something straight out of one of our favorite movies, Yellow Submarine.

Finally, two welcome alternatives to cartoon character sheets.

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