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With the exception of activity tables and chairs, I've never been a huge fan of buying child-size furniture. It certainly doesn't seem practical for my own small home where we struggle just to make room for the essentials. Besides, if I can walk ten miles to school barefoot in the snow, can't my toddler son endure sitting in an adult-sized chair? But lately I've been reconsidering.

In our small living room we have a couch and one arm chair - which lately my son has completely co-opted. He insists on sitting there and cries and cries if someone else dares take his spot. While not wanting to give in to his demands, I have wondered if getting him his own chair wouldn't only delight him, but also keep our chair cleaner (not to mention free for use). So I wanted to see what my options were for small, modern, comfortable chairs. Here are the results of my research with a handful of options at different price points:

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Poang armchair ($29.99 by Ikea)
Little Reader ($69.99 by P'kolino)
My First Hybrid Chair ($79 at Pottery Barn Kids)
The Nod Chair ($99)
Cubino Chair ($109 by Monte Design)

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Anywhere Recycled Beanbag ($129 at Pottery Barn Kids)
Fatboy Junior ($199 at Design Public)
Baby Maggie ($199 at Crypton)
Mini Fashion Bean Bag ($199 by Sitting Bull)
Ava Toddler Chair ($299-399 by Jennifer DeLonge)

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Parker Child Chair ($399-499 by Jennifer DeLonge)
mini-e ($899 at Little Nest)
Junior Templeton (starting at $995 by Jonathan Adler)
Child's Womb Chair ($2,831 by Knoll Kids, but free shipping!)

I'd love to know what you think - what attractive, toddler-size chairs have I missed? Have you bought a small chair for you kid and regretted it? Loved it? I'll let you know what I decide and will read your comments with interest!

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