Toile Goes Street: Brooklyn Toile Wallpaper by Beastie Boy Mike D

Usually, wallpaper with a toile print features classic pastoral scenes depicting musicians playing instruments like the flute, a couple picnicking, or a country home with an elegant garden, but together with Flavor Paper, Mike D of the Beastie Boys has put a modern twist on traditional toile.

Mike Diamond of the Beastie Boys decided he wanted a Brooklyn inspired toile wallpaper that would line the walls of his Brooklyn brownstone. The vision was to pay tribute to all things Brooklyn in a way that would appear to be a traditional French Country Toile, but when you step to it the pattern reveals elements and vignettes that make up the truth about Brooklyn.

Available in blue or red, Brooklyn Toile replaces scenes such as couples dancing with images of couples walking alongside the Brooklyn bridge. More traditional canaries are replaced by pigeons and steam engine trains are replaced with the New York City subway speeding along on overhead tracks, complete with the requisite graffiti.

Find It: Brooklyn Toile by Flavor Paper

(Images: Flavor Paper)