Toilet Seat Covers

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Bathroom furniture. We love the idea. We also love the idea of a bathroom big enough for a piece of furniture. Our own bathroom is barely big enough for our (pretty small) self let alone two people. A chair, even a stool, is a pipe dream. But sometimes, when you need to sit down -- to put lotion on your legs or to finish a conversation while someone else is shaving -- and the choice are to perch on the side of the tub or the bare, cold toilet seat, the decision is made for you...

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So, we succumbed to a toilet seat covering. We were against it for oh-so-many-reasons, shades of scary 70s bathrooms being only one of them. But we've grown to like it. And frankly, we need it. But a few weeks ago, we had a brunch and a guest shrieked when he saw it. We tried to explain but he just shook his head. We don't care; we're keeping it until our bathroom's big enough to have a piece of furniture. How do you weigh in on this?