Meltdown Series by Tom Price

Meltdown Series by Tom Price

While a piece of furniture should always be functional, it doesn't hurt for it to be a bit inspirational as well. British designer Tom Price is well known for his technique of melting materials such as rope, plastic or even discarded clothing to transform them into unique furniture pieces for the home. Looking at his work, I see a chair, but I also see the beauty of reinvention and transformation through the clever reuse of reclaimed materials.

The designer does not shy away from bright color, although he does have his share of pieces in more neutral shades of black, white or in metallics.

Here, the designer discusses his PE Stripe Meltdown Chair, a piece that is litterly bursting at the seams with vibrant, joyful hues.

The PE Stripe Meltdown Chair is made by pressing a heated metal chair-shaped former into a stack of colourful woven plastic rugs. The rugs begin to melt as they come into contact with the heated former, then set in the shape of the seat as they cool, creating a contrast in colour, form and texture.

The frame is made from solid stainless steel. This chair is a one-off prototype, but forms part of a series of chairs created using the same technique with different materials.

(Image:Tom Price)

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