Rosandra lives in Rome and when it came time to hand down her older son's IKEA Kura bed to her 2-year-old, Tommaso, she decided to create something really special for him. Since he has a "passion for cars" a firetruck bed was just the thing.

Rosandra describes the bed makeover:

I added some plywood to create the door and the window. I put on the wheels of an old toy car and have painted in red, grey and white the different part of the "truck". I have equipped the bed with a little fire extinguisher, flashlights on the top, a garden hose and some stickers. Under the bed there is a lot of space for him to "drive" and to store his toys. On the wall I painted a skyline with bright acrylic colors and in the sky I made the "sun" shine!!

Thanks Rosandra!

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(Images: reader Rosandra)