(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Want to take a first hand peek at a prefab modular building solution? Yeah, yeah...we know prefab remains mostly a design study rather than a practical solution, but we're hoping one day customized prefab housing becomes a reality like the catalog homes of yore. Tonight, 6:30 at the DWR Studio in Pasadena, Tom Sandonato, co-founder and designer of Kithaus will discuss and display his prefab housing system utilizing a proprietary clamping system that simplifies construction, reduces costs and produce little waste in the process. Makes us wish we didn't rent and had a yard for one of these. Click here for more information.

Kithaus: redefining prefab in ‘08
Thursday, December 6, 6:30–9:30
DWR Studio Pasadena
60 West Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91105
Phone: 626.432.6700
Fax: 626.432.1670