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West Hollywood, CA
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
I love the open concept of this studio, and setting the entertainment center in the middle of the room allows people to enjoy the TV from all angles, even on the balcony. The white pebble rocks on the balcony bring in the sense of Zen, and it flows inside the studio under the cabinets and behind the bed. Following this inspiration, most of the materials used in this space are eco-friendly, like bamboo flooring, bamboo cabinets, and recycled glass backsplash. All appliances are energy star rated and water-saving faucets save us 35% on utility bills and are eco-friendly. Even though space is limited, we still manage to fit in a wine bar/storage, an office, and even a breakfast bar. Multiple seating areas and versatile furniture come in handy when we have a party with friends.
Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space:
The biggest challenge for this small space is a storage issue. So I decided to create custom, wall-to-wall built-in cabinets. There are 60 plus drawers & cabinets in this studio. That is over 220 cubic feet of storage space, which is bigger than a 5'x5' storage unit. And this is excluding the 3 closets on the floor plan and any additional furniture storage provided. The built-in storage system not only solves the storage issue, but it also takes up less space, therefore solving the space issue. Using a mirror-like reflective finish on the cabinet door gives the illusion of a big space, without making the room feeling like a wall-to-wall mirrored dance studio. A washer/dryer combo unit is placed inside the built-in cabinet, hidden behind a removable office bulletin board. On the balcony, there is also a HVAC unit protected and hidden under the spacious built-in seating, whose front panel can be removed for servicing the HVAC unit.
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