Carrie McBride
Nov 28, 2007

Toobee or not toobee?Okay, it may be hard to imagine getting excited over a can (or paying money for an empty third of one). But what about a can that sails and swoops through the air? Thrown like a football and with the addictiveness of the Frisbee, the Toobee is a simple toy with a scientific background.

The Toobee was created in Berkeley (where else?) by two aeronautical engineers and has flown as far as 283 feet which, considering it weighs less than a marshmallow, is pretty impressive. There are no sharp edges so it's safe for children to use. The Toobee has been around has for a long time, but hasn't really broken out of a niche market yet.

Need convincing? Check out a video of the Toobee in action here.

A two pack with protective storage case costs $14.95 and is available here. Toobee donates 20% of its profits to children's charities.

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