Keeping Clean With the Tyvek Painting Suit

Keeping Clean With the Tyvek Painting Suit

Abby Stone
Feb 27, 2008

Although we like to think of ourselves as neat, we are not. We're a little messy. Okay, okay, we're a lot messy. In fact, when we start with the D.I.Y. projects, watch out! That may have been why we laughed extra hard when we saw this picture of Jennifer's painting mishap from the January Jumpstart Projects. Could it be because we've been there ourselves? Oh, if the walls could talk... Now, however, instead of painting clothes, we use a painting jumpsuit.

Made of a lightweight paper cloth called Tyvek (also used for those NetFlix and FedEx Envelopes), it zips up right over our clothes, covering us from ankles to wrists. It even has a hood to protect our hair. Yes, we look like an extra from Woody Allen's "Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sex" but we stay neat and clean and paint free. We purchased ours from the 99 cents store where they also have dropcloths to protect the walls, the floor and the furniture or you can order them online for your next DIY project.

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