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Whew. We tiled a wall of our kitchen this weekend, using a suprisingly affordable 3x6 carrara tile from Bella Tile. When it came to cutting the tile, we of course had no wet saw on hand so we checked out the tool rentals at Home Depot. We were able to rent a wet saw for $26. That's the rate for four hours of use, which was plenty of time to complete all necessary cutting (it's a very small kitchen).

In all, we were so pleased with the experience that we wanted to share. We'll be sure to share photos once the grouting is complete.

Be aware, though. In researching tool rentals we came across a warning of bogus policies on rentals at Home Depot. Also, if you're at all questioning whether you can get the work done in a four hour window, just rent it for 24 hours (your options are 4 hours, 24 hours, or 1 week). The price difference on the wet saw is $26 for four hours vs. $36 for 24 hours.

Some of the other handy tools available for rent: table saws, paint sprayers, wallpaper steamers, and floor sanders.

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