My Nursery Planning Tools

My Nursery Planning Tools

Landis Carey
Feb 28, 2012

More than half the fun of designing any room is pondering color schemes, artwork, layout and décor as well as planning the budget. I love to consider my options, often changing course before I've even begun. Designing our nursery has been no different as I've flipped between this and that. Over the past month I've found the following tools really helpful for staying inspired, organized and on budget:

Discount Décor Apps
Everyone loves a great bargain, especially when you find an item or a brand you'd pay full price for already deeply discounted. And that's what apps like zulily, MYHABIT and Gilt provide: great discounts on already established brands (those for your home included). You'll have to check-in every few days to stay abreast of their sales and featured product, but it's well worth the effort.

Design Inspirations & Products
If you haven't yet joined the millions on Pinterest, you must. This virtual pin board is the perfect place to store all of your design inspirations and products in one place where they can be viewed together. Another app I've found useful is Giggle's Best Baby Registry. It's great for browsing fresh and colorful nursery décor as you plan your space and seek inspiration.

Design Planning
Benjamin Moore Color Capture is a helpful beginning point if you don't have a color scheme in mind. Snap pictures of inspiring scenes and turn them into paint chips. It'll allow you to translate inspirations into tangible samples you can take with you to stores where you may be considering this rug or that lamp shade.

The Mark on Call app is definitely worth its $1.99 price. It's a great way to easily plan your room's layout without having to break out your graphing paper and scale ruler. This app allows you to import your room's dimensions then place the room's windows and doors to accurately represent your space's most usable square-footage. Choose standard-sized furniture pieces to fill your space, allowing you to maximize your floor plan.

When budgeting, it's always best to overestimate than to underestimate. Start a spreadsheet in Google Documents and list anything and everything that comes to mind, including the cost of furniture delivery and local sales tax. I like to work backwards, beginning with the most expensive must-haves and going from there. If you're over budget, you must cut back somewhere, so head to those line items that aren't as important and trim away.

Join me on my journey to transform a blank 100-square-foot room into a cozy, eco-friendly nursery.

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