Artkive App Helps Preserve Kids' Art (and Control Clutter)

Artkive App Helps Preserve Kids' Art (and Control Clutter)

Catrin Morris
Aug 22, 2012

To say my daughters are prolific artists would be an understatement (and to say they are "artists" is perhaps an overstatement!). I love that every day ends with a pile of colorful and imaginative drawings and paintings. But there is no way we could keep every picture so I work together with my girls to choose a select group of favorites.

But there are days (many days) when I have to serve as the cruelest kind of curator and dismiss whole stacks of artwork with one flip of the trash can. Because, let's face it: not even a child prodigy consistently produces masterpieces (and even a child will admit that some drawings are just not worth saving). I've discovered there is a faster, simpler way to sort and save artwork without overstuffing your attic or file cabinets.

With a new app called Artkive I can save photos of my kids' artwork without cluttering up my home. Just take a photo of the drawing or painting and Artkive archives it for you. The app also attaches a "plaque" at the bottom of each image that shows name, date, title and grade. This is very appealing to me because I rarely remember to write the child artist's name and age on the back of each piece. Also, Artkive lets you quickly transform your kid's digital portfolio into a photo book.

No tech tool will every replace the beauty of an original childhood work of art, however. So, there will always be a handful of gems that will also go into special storage or be framed.

The Android app is coming this Fall.

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