Tooth Fairy Envelopes

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We were reminded by a recent (hilarious) post by Katie of Matsutake that when older kids lose a tooth the transaction with the "Tooth Fairy" is less magic and more monetary. But if, like Katie and her son, you're not quite ready to give up the ruse maybe you should check out these nicely designed, to the point, Tooth Fairy Envelopes.

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There are 20 envelopes total - 10 for your child and 10 for whichever parent plays the Tooth Fairy at your house. Unless your kid is totally jaded and just wants to pocket some quick cash, he or she can include information about which tooth they've lost, when, where and and all the details (which makes a nice keepsake for the parents).

You can find the Tooth Fairy Envelopes at Pixels Plus Paper ($10). If you have a minute, check out Katie's post about the standoff [insert Spaghetti Western music and rolling tumbleweed here] after her son's recent tooth loss.

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