(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Dear Tooth Fairy,
When I lost my two front teeth at the same time and looked like someone kicked me in the playground, I put my bunny teeth under my pillow AND YOU NEVER CAME. I didn't find ANYTHING underneath my pillow, except for my stuffed bear Snuffles! I feel hosed. But I guess I should have gotten one of these neat-o Tooth Fairy Pillows from the fine folks at Gama-Go, then maybe...

...my parents wouldn't tell me (rather shifty, I might add) that the money must have slipped off the bed and through a crack in the floor because these pillows have a pocket in the back JUST FOR YOU.

P.S. These pillows are hand-made(!) by Toothsies, and made from kid-friendly irregular T-shirts from Gama-Go. And the designs on those shirts are from two of our favorite artists: Tim Biskup and Seonna Hong.