Best Blankets

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Yes, it's winter, but being perpetually cold we always have blankets on the mind. We've had these clippings tacked to our inspiration board for months, constantly fueling our blanket obsession...

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And then lo and behold, the new Martha Stewart Living arrives in our mailbox and she's read our thoughts again. We couldn't keep our eyes off of the "Collecting" feature. Piles of striped vintage wool blankets make us wish that we had held onto all of our old woolens. We're sure eBay can scratch our itch, but if vintage isn't for you check out some of our "new" favorites below:

  • Ratzer wool blankets
  • Pendleton "Geronimo" blanket
  • Pendleton "Chevron" blanket
  • Vintage Swiss Blankets (also here) (okay, not new but really really cool and only "gently used")
  • Toast "Elfet" Throw
  • Eileen Fisher Ultra Soft Alpaca Blanket
  • Wallter Ray Throw Blanket
  • Anything from Swans Island
  • Dash and Albert Caravan Stripe Throw
  • Looolo Windows blanket

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    Images: Unknown; LivingEtc. July 2006