Top 10 Room Dividers & Folding Screens

Top 10 Room Dividers & Folding Screens

Nancy Mitchell
Sep 19, 2016

Whether you need to carve out a bedroom from a studio apartment, or a foyer from a living room, or just a little private space anywhere, these room dividers will get the job done. Some are more opaque, for when privacy is a primary concern; others let a bit more light through, for when the suggestion of a separation is enough. Check out our top 10 collection.


This is a room divider that you'll be passing on to your grandchildren.

A ripply room divider from the iconic midcentury design duo — spendy but definitely a classic.

An attractive way to partition a room and create a little extra storage at the same time.

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Pretty and intricate. Also available in brown.

For a bit of a hippie/boho look. The cane provides a bit of privacy while still letting light through.

This canvas room divider is a blank slate, waiting to be upholstered or painted as you see fit.

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A beautiful tree pattern to add a little something extra to your space.

You could attach fabric to one side of this divider if you like the look but want a little more privacy.

This classic IKEA bookcase (a re-working of the old EXPEDIT) also makes a great room divider, as seen at the top of the post. It also comes in a 5x5 version, for $199.

A pretty abstract floral print at a very nice price.

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