Top 10 Signs You’re a Design Daredevil

You’re bold and you’re fearless and we love you for it. Who else is going to cross the boundaries of “good” design sense, and come up with new ideas for living spaces? Without you, we’d all be lounging around in beige boxes, bored to tears. Here are ten signs you like to push the envelope:

1. You’re comfortable painting outside the lines.

2. You regularly blow things completely out of proportion.

3. You trust your choices. So, when you find a pattern you like, you use it….a lot.

4. Screw the neutrals: you want patterned sofas.

5. A Chanel No. 5 oil drum works just fine as a nightstand. As do many other unusual things.

6. You’ve painted woodwork in the past, and you’ll do it again dammit.

7. You break every color rule in the book.

8. You think that patterns match patterns match more patterns.

9. Or, that small spaces demand big patterns.

10. And, you search for— and find — new ways to surprise the eye.

(Image credits: Everett Collection/Shutterstock; Skona Hem; Design*Sponge; Steven Sclaroff; Elle Decor; Casa; Design*Sponge; Mark's "Bold Basics" Room; Lonny Magazine; Lonny Magazine; Jannelli & Volpi via Design Buzz)