Top 10: Toilet Bowl Brushes

Top 10: Toilet Bowl Brushes

Maxwell Ryan
Apr 30, 2007

Details, details, details. Since it's Bathroom month, we thought we'd tackle the problem of what to put in the loo that's as stylish as all the rest of your belongings.

Consider this a starter list to get you thinking.

Stainless Toilet Brush with Stand - simple stainless
Wood Handle Bowl Brush by Birdwell - classic and simple
Oxo Good Grips Toilet Brush - form follows function
Vipp Deluxe Bowl Brush -German engineering
excalibur by philippe starck - All Starck, all the time
duo toilet brush by blomus - Super clean stainless steel
merdolino toilet brush by alessi - Funky for Jane & Darko

(Re-Edited from 2006-04-26 - MGR)

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