Top 20 Most Miserable Cities in America

Top 20 Most Miserable Cities in America

Moving can be an exciting time for new opportunities and a change of scenery. If you're thinking of relocating, it's important to consider not only the best cities to live in, but also the ones to (possibly?) avoid. According to Forbes, the following 20 cities are the most miserable in America. Would you - or do you - live in one of them?

According to Forbes, economist Arthur Okun developed the original Misery Index in the 1960s, which combines unemployment and inflation. Forbes' analysis is more localized and includes other daily aggravations:

This year we examined nine factors for the 200 largest metro areas in the U.S. The metrics include the serious: violent crime, unemployment, foreclosures, taxes (income and property) and home prices. We also include less weighty, but still important quality-of-life issues like commute times and weather... 

We tweaked the methodology in this year’s list in response to feedback from readers, dropping our rankings of both pro sports team success and political corruption, since both were based on regional, rather than city-specific data. We also added a new measure — net migration — which we see as a clear gauge of whether or not residents feel a community is worth living in.
2013 Rankings:
  1. Detroit, MI
  2. Flint, MI
  3. Rockford, IL
  4. Chicago, IL
  5. Modesto, CA
  6. Vallejo, CA
  7. Warren, MI
  8. Stockton, CA
  9. Lake County, IL
  10. New York, NY
  11. Toledo, OH
  12. St. Louis, MO
  13. Camden, NJ
  14. Milwaukee, WI
  15. Atlantic City, NJ
For the rest of the list (#s 16-20) and the full report at Forbes: Detroit Tops 2013 List Of America's Most Miserable Cities


(Image: 100 Abandoned Houses via Apartment Therapy)

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