3 New Ways to Discover New Music

3 New Ways to Discover New Music

Julienne Lin
May 2, 2013

Whether you’re trying to remember that catchy song you heard at a party the night before or you're just searching for new artists, there are some excellent song-searching and discovery tools available online. I’m always searching for new music sources to refresh my playlist and these are my current three favorite places to find new music...

Spotify Follow: I never paid much attention to the activity feed on the lefthand side of Spotify because it streamed every single one of my Facebook friends and what they were currently listening to. After awhile it just became visual white noise I blocked out, similar to the Facebook ticker. But recently Spotify improved their Follow feature; you now have to subscribe to see anyone's listening activity. The updated Activity ticker is now one of my new favorite ways to discover new music, since now I can filter the list to only include people whose music tastes are compatible with mine.

Timbre: Timbre has quickly become one of my top five favorite apps loaded onto my phone. What's so great about the app? It's all about location: Timbre uses your GPS coordinates to produce a playlist stream comprised of bands from upcoming performances and shows nearby, all organized by date!

The app provides music lovers with a convenient way  to check up on which bands are playing nearby, while reducing the disappointment of missing out on upcoming shows. Every time I fire the app up, I'm also getting a schedule update. Timbre also excels as a new music discovery tool; you’re allowed to listen to song samples as you’re browsing through shows. And the icing on the cake, the app is beautifully designed and a joy to navigate.

Twitter Music: Twitter recently launched the Twitter #Music app, a socialized music discovery tool. Users can browse by songs and artists trending on Twitter. Twitter also gives you options to discover artists labeled as “Emerging” or “Suggested” (based on your interests and music related tweets).

For new music discovery, #NowPlaying also lists which music people you follow are currently listening to. Lastly, “Me” streams music from artists you follow, serving up their latest releases. The app is connected to iTunes, so if you find a song sample you like, you can purchase the complete song or album over at iTunes. It’s also an easy way to follow all your favorite artists on Twitter, if that’s your thing. 

(Images: Julienne Lin; Gregory Han; Twitter)

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