Top Design: Episode 2

Top Design: Episode 2

Vanessa De Vargas
Feb 12, 2007

Forgive me for being a little late with my posting of last weeks episode of Top Design but what is going on with the voting process of the show??!!

First the room from the following week was too themey and now the winner from last weeks has an over the top Pirate room. Am I missing something? Am I the only one who was confused?

I personally would have not chose that room as the winner. I felt that Matt's room should have won the challenge. He listened to his client, was inventive with his lighting and the furniture placement was executed well. The problem (I think) with overly themed children's rooms is that kids grow out of fads just as quickly as they change shoe sizes.

And Liz Lange? Don't get me wrong I think she is a talented clothing designer (yes I said clothing not interior) but why couldn't they get Victoria Hagan, Thomas O'Brien or Isaac Mizrahi from Target? I would have loved to see them be the guest designer for the show. Perhaps they were smart enough to just stay away all together.

I hope these challenges and the interior design become a little more exciting, because the show is really becoming a big snooze fest.

One last comment...what's up with the pepper? I found it quite amusing that it was used again - but in kids room? I am sure that kid was thinking I don't like to eat my vegetables!

Oh and make sure you check out AT-NY's comments of last weeks show.

What did you guys think of last weeks episode? Who did you think should have won?

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