Top Pick for Shelter Magazine Subscription?

Top Pick for Shelter Magazine Subscription?

Regina Yunghans
Feb 4, 2013

Q: I'm obsessed with magazines. Not only do I work in the industry, but I love to read just about any kind of magazine out there. Of course my favorites are the shelter mags. (I'm still lamenting the loss of Domino! Who's with me?) That said, I don't subscribe to a single one of them, and I never seem to pick up the same title time after time (plus, B&N runs just don't seem to be in the cards these days). While there are plenty of awesome blogs and online magazines out there for inspiration (Apartment Therapy, duh!), nothing satisfies like a beautiful glossy spread of a fab home. So I'm ready to pony up the $12 or whatever and get a monthly — but which one should I get?

Sent by Kelsey

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