Sometimes the most mundane objects tweaked and repurposed can be of the most interest, as illustrated by the popularity of several of our posts highlighting new uses for lightbulbs, a Google maps enhanced mailing envelope anyone could mimic and the use of a banana peel to revitalize scratched DVDs and CDs. Oh, and the hush hush popularity of sex-related tech devices...

Top Row:
Create a Chic Bud Vase Out of An Old Light Bulb
The Google Map Envelope
How To Fix (Almost) Any Set of Audio Speakers
Making an Incandescent Bulb Green
The Best No-Pain Laptop Position

Bottom Row:
How To Remove DVD Scratches With a Banana
How To Save Money In Your Home Using Google Services
Leech Plug Unplugs Itself After It Completes A Charge
The 8 Essentials of a Home Tech Maintenance Toolkit
The Best of Sexy Sex Tech

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