Top Ten: Things to Do During Week One of the Cure

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Kudos to those who are starting the Cure this week. In your honor (and to provide a nudge to those still thinking about joining), here is a list of the top ten (well, actually, 12) things you can do right now, the first week of the Spring Cure.

It's a mix of small but powerful actions from both the Deep Treatment and One-Room Remedy, along with some ideas to help get involved with the online groups forming this week - a general list of things anyone can do to get off on the right foot...

  • Make the decision to do something good for your home and join us!
  • Set up a flickr account and become a member of the Cure group
  • Pick up the book and start reading
  • Start a list of repairs and solutions
  • Say hello to your fellow "classmates" on the Cure thread

  • Take "before" photos and upload them
  • Remove one thing from your home and put it outside
  • Take a look at your classmates' photos and leave a comment or two - encouragement and ideas are always welcome
  • Look into earth-friendly cleaning products and gather your supplies
  • Start collecting inspirational images of rooms you love and share them with your group
  • Buy fresh flowers

    and most importantly, #12

  • Enjoy the process!

    Photo: Thanks to beckytron, member of the Apartment Therapy Chicago Cure

    Re-edited from a post originally published 09.11.07.

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