Top Ten: Bed, BATH & Beyond for the Bathroom

Top Ten: Bed, BATH & Beyond for the Bathroom

Janel Laban
Mar 23, 2007

Bath Basics from BBB. Bed, Bath and Beyond is such a staple, it seems that everyone has bought something there at one time or another. Add in the ubiquitous 20% off coupons and excellent return policy, and the deal is sealed. We thought we take a look at the best of the bathroom uber-basics that you can pick up there:

  • Classic Chrome Bath Shelf for $19.99
  • Dual Shower Curtain/Towel Rack for $39.99
  • Stainless Steel toilet tissue storage cylinder for $19.99
  • Rattan Brown Hamper for $89.99
  • Hotel Classic towels by Frette for $10. - 80.
  • Suction Stainless steel bathroom accessories for $2.99 - 16.99
  • Aquascape shower head for $39.99
  • Solid Teak shower mat for $39.99
  • Roller Rings for $10.99
  • Latitude II Nickel bath hardware for $14.99 - 39.99

    oh and one more...

  • Sensation Two-piece tank set for $19.99 - kidding!

    Image: Annette Teak Tub via Outblush

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