Top Ten: Good Looking Grills

Top Ten: Good Looking Grills

Janel Laban
May 4, 2007

Pre-weekend top ten. Since both the warm weather and the weekend are (almost) here, we went with a list of good-looking grills. From the basic to the extravagant, here are some BBQs worth looking at (and cooking on) from around the web:

  • Eva Solo table grill for $300.
  • Napa Style Hibachi for $149.95
  • Viteo Outdoor BBQ for $3300.
  • City Boy grill by Klaus Aalto for around $300
  • Russell Henning's Phoenix backpackers grill for $?
  • Ikea PS BETSO for $29.99
  • Smokey Joe for $35.
  • Speckleware grill for $29.99
  • Eva Solo barrel BBQ grill for $650.
  • Terracotta grill for $34.99

    Please add your favorite to the comments below...

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