Top Ten: Nursery Mezuzot Cases

Top Ten: Nursery Mezuzot Cases

Jul 25, 2007

A few weeks ago, the staid pewter mezuzah holder on our neighbor's doorpost was removed, and in its place was a stunning pink glass one. Its a girl! They have a mezuzah on every doorpost in their home, and it got us thinking about nursery mezuzot (plural of mezuzah), and what a wealth of options there are when it comes to mezuzah holders. Below, a few of our current favorites, including a ladybug mezuzah case, which would be very sweet on the nursery doorpost of a child adopted from China.

Funky Baby Boy Spiral Mezuzah. $29.00.
Yair Emmanuel's Chagall-inspired Jerusalem Scene Mezuzah. $12.95.
Studio Pewter Baby Mezuzah Case.Ladybug Wood Mezuzah. $68.00.
Danny Azoulay hand-painted ceramic Mezuzah. $23.95.
Emily Rosenfeld's pewter flowers Mezuzah. $34.95.
Tree of Life Mezuzah. $39.99.
Vine of Values Mezuzah. $84.95.
Stained Glass Mezuzah. $29.95.
Orna Cohen-Boteach's pewter dove Mezuzah. $62.00.

This is by no means a definitive list. Got any great modern mezuzah sources or favorites to share?

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